Learn how to code. Change the world.

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Tech it Out Philly is a student group from the University of Pennsylvania that works with Philadelphia public high school students to explore social change through computer science.

Tech it Out teaches its students to be engaged in their communities as social activists as much as it teaches computer science skills. Tech it Out hopes to grow the next generation of diligent advocates that create thoughtful technology and contribute to our world in productive, meaningful ways.

Together, we can be thoughtful activists and be the change we want to see in the world.

What Our Alumni Think:

"It is a really cool experience being able to work with another person and be able to put two heads together and create a really cool product in the end."

"I’m learning skills that can further my education. I’m excited about having my own website that I can update and improve upon."

"Never had I expected to make such a pretty website with the zero to none experience I had with coding before hand, basically learning everything during these eight weeks."