The immersion portion of Tech it Out is an eight-week program where students come to the University of Pennsylvania and create a website that addresses a social issue they find important. On Sundays, we meet from 1-3pm. We learn web development skills, research social issues, work in teams, and develop presentation skills. We have guest speakers to learn more about careers and opportunities in computer science. At the end of the program, we celebrate our hard work at a fun launch party hosted by a Philly start up. This program accepts about 20 students.


  • Week 0 ~ 10/4

    Get to know each other and choose social issue

  • Week 1 ~ 10/11

    Research social issue and plan website

  • Week 2 ~ 10/18

    Implementing the website: HTML

  • Week 3 ~ 10/25

    Diversity in CS

  • Week 4 ~ 11/1

    Implementing the website: CSS

  • Week 5 ~ 11/8

    Style Concepts

  • Week 7 ~ 11/15